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Why Should I Have an Alarm?
A study conducted by Security Distributing & Marketing magazine shows that 14% of U.S. households now have a home burglar alarm. This growth in home alarm sales is fueled by a desire of people like you to provide safety and security for their families. The newest technology in alarm system design not only protects against intruders and fire, but can inform and monitor the home environment with remote access over the internet or the telephone.

Ownership of an alarm system does not have to be a high expense, and may be an economic benefit. SDM magazine identified 12 homeowners' insurance companies that offer premium discounts for having a monitored security and fire system.

Are All Systems Designed the Same?
No. Each Design Specialist at PALOS VERDES SECURITY custom "fits" your security system to meet the needs of you, your family or your business. This helps keep the outside intruder element "guessing." The PALOS VERDES SECURITY sign in the front of your property will let everyone know it  is not a "cookie cutter" alarm system.

How Can I Prevent False Alarms

Worried about false alarms? PALOS VERDES SECURITY has one of the lowest false-alarm rates in the industry. Each system is customized to meet your individual needs, thus reducing the chance of accidental alarms. PALOS VERDES SECURITY’s highly trained staff of technicians install and train home and business owners on their new system to minimize the threat of false alarms even more. 

Listed below are some common user-errors that can cause false alarms:

1. Not locking or securing your doors and windows before arming system.

2. Allowing a pet to move freely in a system that was not designed for pets. Systems can be installed/designed to allow a family pet to move freely throughout the house.

3. Leaving papers, plastic, balloons, household plants and other items that can fall or be blown off by the furnace or ceiling fans into the path of motion sensors.

4. If you are going to do some remodeling, contact PALOS VERDES SECURITY  for suggestions before you begin. Wires may have to be moved and different devices installed.

5. Not having updated and kept current you call lists to the central station. If we cannot reach you, the alarm cannot be cancelled. PLEASE CALL PVS FOR A RESPONSIBLE PARTY UPDATE FORM if you need to make any changes.

6. Allowing someone to enter into the property that does not have a password, and does not know how to disarm the system.

7. If you have phone work done in your home or business contact our service department to verify that everything is working. Even if you add a feature like caller ID or call waiting.

8. Proper design of equipment. If your lifestyle changes you should contact PALOS VERDES SECURITY to access your new security needs.

9. Not knowing the password or the central station phone number (800-753-9952) to cancel the alarm.

10. Not maintaining systems with alarm tune-ups which reduces mechanical failures. Detectors should be kept clean and free of dust and insects.

11. Notify PALOS VERDES SECURITY prior to traveling, vacations, or extended absence from the property.

What is Monitoring and How Does it Work?
A security and/or fire system is monitored when a remote central monitoring station receives signals from the panel after a device is breached. For example, when your security system is armed and then violated, the siren(s) would sound and the control panel would send out a signal over your telephone line or other form of communication. The monitoring station receives the signal and the operator has information on his computer that tells where the alarm occurred and what action to take. This service dispatches the correct authorities to your property in the event of a break-in or fire. They also contact the responsible parties, notifying them of an alarm condition.

Why Have Monitoring?
There are many benefits to monitoring service. The obvious one is safety. If a door, window or other device is set off, then you and the correct authorities will be notified immediately. There is also monitoring for environmental sensors, such as waterbugs, carbon monoxide detectors and temperature sensors.

Another benefit to monitoring is fire protection. Monitored fire protection will not only protect you and your family while in the home, it helps protect pets inside the residence when you are not there. If a smoke alarm goes off inside the home when you are at work or away, the fire department will be dispatched immediately. Additional fire protection monitoring does not increase your existing monitoring rates.

There is an economic reason to monitor your system, as well. Insurance carriers often offer discounts on property insurance that can be as high as 30 percent if the residence is monitored with security and fire protection.

What are the Different Monitoring Options?
Along with the common monitoring that uses a telephone line, PALOS VERDES SECURITY also offers a wireless monitoring system for those instances where a land line is not available or when telephone lines are down.

Different Monitoring Services Offered by PALOS VERDES SECURITY
(All monitoring services below include monitoring for burglary, fire, panic buttons, medical alert pendants, and/or environmental sensors like water bugs, carbon monoxide detectors and temperature sensors.)

  • Standard Monitoring (Uses Telephone Line) used to be the most common form of monitoring and still is one of the most reliable. The signal from the alarm system to the local Central Station is transferred through the telephone line in your home. A telephone backup system is recommended in the case of phone lines going down or being cut.
  • Monitoring Over the Internet
    This type of monitoring is becoming more and more popular as people are relying less and less on home phones. While some panels have this Internet Protocol module built in, others may need to be equipped with additional parts. An additional backup monitoring system (the GSM Unit) is recommended in case of power outages and other situations that may cause the internet to be unstable.
  • Monitoring without Phone Lines or Backup Monitoring
    If there are no phone lines in your home, or you wish to monitor property that does not have phone line access (like a boat dock or other remote location), then PALOS VERDES SECURITY will provide you with a Global System for Mobile Communication (GSM) unit which sends signals through cellular channels. This is also the type of monitoring used for backup situations if you are monitoring through a phone line or over the internet.
  • Video Monitoring
    Video monitoring gives you documented, visual proof of an incident.
  • Elevator Monitoring
    Relays a request for help when someone calls from an elevator phone.
  • Opening and Closings
    Openings and Closing reports are a service PALOS VERDES SECURITY provides businesses. They documents when and who enters and exits the building. It is typically a service businesses find useful.
  • Supervised Opening and Closings
    With Supervised Openings and Closings, the business owner, or other designee, will receive a phone call if the building is not opened or closed at a certain time specified during the monitoring setup.
Do I Have to Sign a Long-Term Monitoring Contract?

No. PALOS VERDES SECURITY offers monitoring services on a 2 year basis. After that, you may cancel at any time (with a 30 day written notice). PALOS VERDES SECURITY knows that lifestyles change and people relocate, and that they should not be tied into a long term agreement with an alarm provider.

A few Southern California cities require a permit for the installation of a monitored alarm. Fees are generally nominal. For example, the City of Los Angeles currently charges $31 for the first year and $30 thereafter. Permits for the City of Los Angeles and most of the other cities that require permits can be acquired on line. For the City of Los Angeles:

As of 3-25-11, the following cities DO require a permit:
•Culver City
•Long Beach
•Manhattan Beach
•San Fernando 
•West Hollywood
•San Pedro

As of 3-25-11, the following cities do not require a permit:
•Agoura Hills
•Beverly Hills
• Palos Verdes Estates
• Rancho Palos Verdes
• Rolling Hills
•Santa Monica
•Simi Valley
•Thousand Oaks
•Westlake Village




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